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A lucrative profession doing something you truly love!

  • Working as an interior designer is one of the most rewarding occupations you can imagine, both in its creative fulfilment, its personal freedom and in its financial benefits. Our courses were developed by successful interior designers to give you all the creative, practical and business skills you need to succeed in any climate.

  • In a volatile property market home owners make the most of what they have by extending, redecorating or redesigning their homes. During a housing boom they look to designers to perfect their homes. When times are hard and a property must sell an interior designer's services are sought to help make a home stand out from the rest and achieve a strong price.

  • Many people are attracted to a career in interior design simply as a creative outlet for their talents, while others enjoy the personal interaction and satisfaction gained from delivering a completed project to a happy customer. Some people are drawn towards the flexibility of this largely self-employed field and the chance to take their destiny in their own hands.

  • Graduates have gone on to manage real-life interior design projects, secure employment with leading interior design agencies and build their own successful interior design businesses. You can join them - all you need is the drive and enthusiasm and we will provide the rest.

  • Whether you are currently working as an interior designer and are looking for a formal qualification to propel your career into the future, would like to start a new career in the fulfilling world of interior design or simply want to feel confident managing your own home improvements we have the course for you.