Feng shui tips for your kitchen

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of balancing energy in your environment. In interior design, this refers to organising spaces to increase the flow of positive energy. The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home and is a space which creates a lot of energy. In this blog, I'll give you some feng shui tips to improve the flow of positive energy in your kitchen.

1. The location and design of a kitchen should be considered carefully. Try not to locate your kitchen close to the front door as positive energy can be quickly lost. It's also best to avoid having a bathroom adjacent to the kitchen, especially where the oven is close to a water cistern. Feng shui philosophy suggests keeping these energies apart, where possible.

2. Try not to overload the kitchen with the colour red. This is because red is the fire element and the kitchen will already have a large amount of this element.

3. When working in the kitchen, avoid having your back to the kitchen door. It is important to remain in a position of control in your environment and see who is coming in through the kitchen door.

4. A mirror which reflects your hob can increase the flow of positive energy.  

5. A key element of feng shui is to minimise clutter in a space. The kitchen is probably the worst room to have clutter as it can be dangerous and also affect your workflow.

A cottage american style kitchen design.

To help bring positive energy and harmony into a space, it is helpful to engage your five senses:

The kitchen should be a bright, warm space to live and work in. Inadequate lighting can be a hazard and affect the flow of positive energy. Ensure that whatever you are looking at in your kitchen inspires you.

As good quality air will eliminate unpleasant odours, you should invest in air extraction units. Carefully consider where the dustbin is kept. Beautiful, fresh flowers will lift your energy and you can smell them every time you arrive home.

Make sure that your kitchen is well organised so that you can easily prepare nutritious meals. Leave healthy food in your reach to avoid snacking on less nutritious food. A bowl of fruit can look, smell and taste amazing.

Smooth, ergonomic buttons and handles are very important. Keep corners soft and rounded and avoid sharp edges. Worktops, islands, taps and appliances should feel as good as they look.

Do you have a dripping tap, a noisy appliance or a ticking clock that annoys you? Irritating sounds are very likely to have a negative effect on the energy of a space and should be repaired or replaced.


Using feng shui can help to improve the flow of positive energy in your kitchen and bring a sense of harmony and comfort. Try using some of these tips in your kitchen and let us know how you get on.

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Written by: Elke Fingleton

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