Meet the Tutor: Pavlina Campbell

In this blog, tutor and Interior Designer Pavlina Campbell tells us what got her interested in interior design, why she enjoys working with students and gives industry advice.


Tell us about your education and progression within the industry

I have started my love for Interior design with a one year course (Introduction of Interior Design), following by an Higher National Diploma course (2 years - Interior design). Finishing my study at the Edinburgh School of Art (entrance level 2nd year of a 4-year degree course - Interior design and Applied Arts).


What were you doing before you started tutoring at the Academy?

After finishing my studies, I have worked for a Kitchen design company in Edinburgh as a design technician. I have also worked for 7 years for IKEA Wembley (Flagship store), Cantifix - Architectural glass - Design consultant. 

I've worked as a Project coordinator for Turnkey (letting) properties around London and currently working for myself as well as working for the Academy. 

Bedroom project installation. Image courtesy: Pavlina Campbell.


What got you interested in interior design?

I have always had a love for art and design, and wanted to do something that I had a passion for. I also come from a very creative and artistic family background which has encouraged me to follow the same path.


What do you enjoy most about being an interior designer and teaching interior design?

I love both! Working on projects that I can take from start to finish and seeing the transformation of the space and a happy client at the end. As a Tutor, I love being able to share my experience with students and share their passion for design.


What interior design styles do you lean towards?

I defiantly lean towards 'Less is more' - clean lines, uncluttered and balanced space. I love embracing the beauty of Scandinavia and Danish design within my projects.

Family bathroom project. Image courtesy: Pavlina Campbell.


Which skills do you believe are relevant for the industry?

The first and foremost is having the creative/imaginative mind, that comes with various solutions to problem-solving, as well as attention to detail, good working ethics, patience, determination, ability to adjust to any scenario and much more.


Do you have any funny or peculiar interior design experience you would like to share?

Never assume anything and always double/triple check everything!


What interior design trend excites you most?



If you could spend a day with any interior designer, dead or alive, who would that be and why?

I would defiantly like to hang out with the Bauhaus directors team - Walter Gropius, Hannes Meyer and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Marcel Breuer - I fully relate to the concept and the way of thinking in terms of design.

Bathroom renovation project. Image courtesy: Pavlina Campbell.


What advice would you give for someone who is looking to start their own interior design business/career?

I would suggest to first work for someone else to gain experience/confidence etc. before starting your own business. This would give you a much better position, in terms of designer and business person.

Secondly, it's incredibly important to know who you are as a designer and which direction you would like to take the business forward.


Pavlina started her career in kitchen design working closely with customers to understand their needs, specifications and budgets. Pavlina has been working at IKEA's flagship store for the past six years delivering complex interior design projects from concept through to design, planning and implementation. Pavlina has a BA in Interior Design & Applied Arts.

See and follow Pavlina's work and portfolio on her website and Instagram page



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Written by: Ines Tome

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