The Top 6 Interior Design Trends for 2021

It has been a long year… 2020 saw its fair share of home trends, thanks to a surplus of time spent pondering our interiors.

But now, we can rejoice when thinking of the upcoming interior design trends. What will 2021 bring, you ask? Besides the colours of the year, ‘Japandi’ and ‘Grandmillennial’ styles, natural materials and green kitchens will be some of the top design trends we will be seeing this year.


Green Kitchens

For many years, white kitchens have dominated our homes, as these are timeless and promote light-reflection. More recently, we saw the rise of the black kitchen. But lately, like so many other spaces, kitchens are taking their stylistic hints from the outdoors. From mint to dazzling emerald and deep forest, green of every shade is entering the kitchen.

Whether you go with dark green cabinetry or will simply highlight your kitchen island with a shade of green, green kitchens will be having a moment this year.

A picture of a green kitchen island design.

Image: Jessica Alexander, via Architectural Digest


‘Japandi’ is the new Minimalism

‘Japandi’ is the combination of Scandinavian minimalism and Japanese design sensibility and combines clean lines, bright spaces, light wood, and neutral colour palettes.

Pinterest predicts a serious uptick in the pursuit of Japandi style in 2021, and we are just excited to see it. And after the chaotic year, we have all had, turning our homes into earth-toned sanctuaries sounds like exactly the trend we need for 2021.

A picture of Scandinavian minimalism and Japanese design.

Image: Cate ST Hill


And 'Friluftsliv' is the new Hygge

The pandemic has shifted some of our behaviours and moved gatherings outside. Instead of snuggling up indoors, people are now embracing the Danish concept of Friluftsliv (literally translates as ‘open-air living’) and focusing on their outdoor spaces.

According to Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy trend expert, 2021 will be the year to take full advantage of backyards and balconies, and the year of bringing the indoors outside. We will be focusing on creating cosy outdoor spaces, weatherproof upholstery, and comfy patio furniture.

A picture of a 'open-air living' focused on an outdoor space.

Image: Pinterest


‘Grandmillennial’ Style

Inspired by the comforts of Grandma's home (the velvet sofa, needlepoint, and floral wallpapers), millennials are decorating with a nostalgic and traditional sense of style. The ‘grandmillennial’ trend is a modern revival of homey design elements that you might find in your grandparents' home.

According to, expect to see vintage furniture and old-school patterns with a modern twist.

A picture of a living room based on ‘Grandmillennial’ Style

Image: Debbie Treloar, Pinterest


Natural elements and materials

Natural materials such as wood, rattan, marble, ceramic, and plants will certainly furnish more spaces this year. This trend comes from the desire to bring nature inside and the need to stay close to the outdoors. Earthy colour palettes and natural textures will pair perfectly with wooden, woven and rattan home accessories.

A picture of a room with a design based on natural elements and materials, includes a bed, bedside table and mirror.

Image: Sara Tramp, designed by Emily Henderson


Industrial styling

There is something about industrial details that will not go away: raw finishes, wide-open space, the combination of wood and metal, vintage furniture and neutral colours. Industrial interiors have a unique way of making old-looking materials appear brand new.

Despite its minimal design, industrial style manages to create a bold statement. It has a mix of modern and traditional design and works for interiors that serve as places to live, work, and entertain.

A picture of a room with industrial styling design.

Image: Pinterest, designed by Cartelle Design


In your interior design projects, have you used any of these trends? What other trends are you looking forward to in 2021?

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