Tackling IKEA in 3 Easy Steps

Following a recent visit I made to IKEA on a weekend afternoon, I realised that, even though I am a regular visitor, I could have benefited from a reminder checklist on how to survive and even delight in IKEA.

1. Preparation is essential

  • Make a list and search on the website for product availability.
  • Allocate a set budget with a little contingency built-in.
  • Ensure your footwear is comfortable and fit for purpose; there can be a lot of walking.
  • Apply careful consideration to your selection of a co-shopper i.e. no significant other half and no children.
  • Bring a car with enough space to fit everything.
  • Either plan your visit for a weekday or early at the weekend.

2. It’s IKEA time – let’s get moving

  • Familiarise yourself with the layout but don’t get seduced by the arrows – you actually don’t need to follow them.
  • At no point should you turn around: keep moving forward.
  • IKEA is a marathon and not a sprint - you will need to refuel but never between 1-2pm.
  • It can be difficult but remember your list and learn to control your impulses - honestly, you do not need to put everything in your basket.
  • Prepare yourself for disappointment, as not everything you want will be available and if an item was featured in a magazine, it may be sold out.
  • If you need to queue once again do not get seduced by the bargain bucket item next to you – you probably do not need it.

3. Well done - you did it!

  • Now with the car packed and your sanity hopefully still together, you can watch the large blue and yellow box disappear into the background.
  • But of course, you are not exactly finished yet and self-assembly awaits you on your return home. The best option? Leave that to a friend or family member who you spared the trauma of the IKEA shopping trip.

Have you been to IKEA recently? What tip or hint would you add for making it a successful shopping trip? 

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Written by: Colette O'Sullivan

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