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Develop an in-depth understanding of interior design skills and principles to set up your own successful interior design business.

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Approximately 9-18 months

Work Placement

Graduates of this course are eligible for a one month work placement with an interior design company. All placements are made in the greater London, Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh areas.

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Live Online
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Course Level
Equivalent to level 4 on the RQF
Entry Requirements
18 years old or over
15 practical assignments
The British Academy of Interior Design is an accredited provider of the British Accreditation Council (BAC).

Completing this course will allow you to start your own interior design business. By honing your skills to create, plan and manage your own design projects you will be ready for success.

Designed around 15 practical assignments, you will incrementally develop advanced techniques and a deep understanding of the interior design industry.

As a Live Online student, you will attend tutor-led classes online taught by industry professionals. You will also have full access to the Online Learning Centre, which contains course material created by industry experts including instructional videos, written content, and assignments.

Our tutors are always contactable through the Online Learning Centre and can provide all the support, knowledge, and in-depth feedback you need to progress through your course.

On average a student studying around 15 hours per week can complete the course in 18 months, and a student studying around 30 hours a week can complete the course in 9 months*.

*Completion time is based on the approximate time it has taken past students to complete the course. Students have up to 36 months to complete the course.

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The list below provides an overview of the topics covered in this course.

    • Introduction to Interior Design

    Dive into the captivating world of interior design, exploring its rich history and the foundational principles of balance, rhythm, and harmony. You'll gain an introductory understanding of colour theory, grasp the nuances of spatial layouts, and discover the latest trends shaping the world of interior design. This module sets the stage for a journey that blends creativity with practicality, guiding you towards mastering the art of transforming spaces.

    • History of Interior Design
    • Basic Design Principles: Balance, Rhythm, Harmony
    • Introduction to Colour Theory
    • Understanding Spaces and Layouts
    • Trends in Interior Design
    • Design Tools and Techniques

    Equip yourself with the essential tools and techniques that are the cornerstone of every interior designer's toolkit. From mastering the basics of sketching and drawing to navigating design software, you'll learn how to select materials and finishes that elevate your projects. This module also introduces the concept of mood boards, a vital step in bringing your design visions to life.

    • Sketching and Drawing Basics
    • Introduction to Design Software
    • Material and Finish Selections
    • Basics of Lighting Design
    • Creating Mood Boards
    • Room Design Essentials

    Learn how to cleverly design the most hard-working rooms in the home. This module covers practical and aesthetic considerations for living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms, along with smart solutions for making the most of small spaces. You'll discover how functionality and style can coexist harmoniously, transforming everyday spaces into welcoming retreats.

    • Designing a Living Room: Functionality and Aesthetics
    • Kitchen Design Principles
    • Bathroom Design Considerations
    • Bedroom Design for Comfort and Style
    • Space-Saving Solutions for Small Spaces
    • Design Styles

    Embark on a voyage of discovery through traditional, contemporary, minimalist, and eclectic design styles, not forgetting the importance of sustainability in modern interiors. This module enables you to identify and apply different design principles, arming you with the tools to inform your own tastes and preferences.

    • Exploring Traditional Design Styles
    • Contemporary Design: Characteristics and Principles
    • Minimalist Design: Maximising Simplicity
    • Eclectic Design: Creatively Combining Elements
    • Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Design
    • Project Management Basics

    Master the basics of project management tailored specifically for the interior design industry. Learn to plan and organise projects, budget effectively, collaborate with suppliers and vendors, and manage contracts. This module also covers the crucial aspects of project documentation and client communication, ensuring the smooth execution of your design concepts from start to finish.

    • Planning and Organising a Design Project
    • Budgeting for Interior Design Projects
    • Working with Suppliers and Vendors
    • Basics of Contract Management
    • Project Documentation and Client Communication
    • Colour Theory and Application

    Gain a deep understanding of the psychology of colour and learn how to achieve your desired ambience through colour schemes and palettes. This module explores the dynamic interplay between light and colour, along with the latest trends in colour forecasting. This knowledge will equip you with the skills to effectively apply colour to your design projects.

    • Psychology of Colour
    • Advanced Colour Schemes and Palettes
    • Lighting and Colour Impact
    • Colour Trends and Forecasting
    • Applying Colour in Various Spaces
    • Spatial Planning and Layout

    Enhance your understanding of space planning techniques, furniture placement strategies, and the principles of ergonomics in interior design. This module teaches you how to craft zones in open-plan spaces and optimise flow and circulation, ensuring that every design is as functional as it is visually appealing.

    • Advanced Space Planning Techniques
    • Furniture Placement Strategies
    • Ergonomics in Interior Design
    • Zoning in Open-Plan Spaces
    • Flow and Circulation within Spaces
    • Materials and Finishes

    Explore a vast array of materials and finishes. From textiles to woods and metals, including innovative and sustainable options. Learn how to navigate the selection process for your projects and become familiar with the latest technological advances in materials. This module guides you through choosing the right finishes to complement your design vision including walls, floors, and ceilings.

    • Exploring Materials: Textiles, Metals, Woods
    • Innovative and Sustainable Materials
    • Finishes for Walls, Floors, and Ceilings
    • Technological Advances in Materials
    • Material Selection Process for Projects
    • Lighting Design

    Illuminate your designs with a comprehensive understanding of lighting design principles. This module covers different types of lighting fixtures, the strategic use of natural light, and how lighting can determine ambiance and atmosphere. You will also be introduced to smart lighting and automation; the modern tools that enhance the functionality and the mood of spaces.

    • Principles of Lighting Design
    • Types of Lighting Fixtures and Their Uses
    • Incorporating Natural Light
    • Creating Atmosphere with Lighting
    • Smart Lighting and Automation
    • Styling and Accessorizing

    Learn the art of styling and accessorising your interior designs. This module focuses on the finishing touches that come from the styling of shelves and surfaces, the placement and different uses of art, and the choice of textiles and soft furnishings. Discover how to tell your interior design story through themed spaces with distinctive styles and character.

    • Art and Accessories in Interior Design
    • Styling Shelves and Surfaces
    • Selecting and Hanging Wall Art
    • Textiles and Soft Furnishings
    • Creating Themed and Styled Spaces
    • Commercial Design Essentials

    Navigate the unique requirements of commercial spaces, including retail, offices, hospitality, healthcare, and educational environments. This module equips you with the knowledge to design for productivity, wellbeing, and customer engagement, ensuring your commercial projects are both functional and inspiring.

    • Designing for Retail Spaces
    • Office Design for Productivity and Wellbeing
    • Hospitality Design: Hotels and Restaurants
    • Healthcare Design Principles
    • Educational Space Design
    • Sustainable Design

    Embrace the principles of sustainable interior design, from energy efficiency and eco-friendly materials to water conservation techniques. This module explores sustainable certifications and standards, along with biophilic design principles that foster a deeper connection with nature, preparing you to design with the environment in mind.

    • Principles of Sustainable Interior Design
    • Energy Efficiency and Eco-Friendly Materials
    • Water Conservation Techniques in Design
    • Sustainable Certifications and Standards
    • Biophilic Design: Connecting with Nature
    • Design Technology

    Stay ahead of the curve with the latest design technology, including advanced interior design software, 3D modeling, virtual and augmented reality presentations, digital fabrication, and 3D printing. This module examines how technology integration can enhance modern interiors, making them more innovative and interactive.

    • Advanced Software for Interior Design
    • 3D Modeling and Visualisation Techniques
    • Virtual and Augmented Reality in Design Presentations
    • Digital Fabrication and 3D Printing
    • Technology Integration in Modern Interiors
    • Client and Business Management

    Develop advanced skills in client consultation, branding, marketing strategies, financial management, and the legal aspects of interior design. This module is designed to elevate your professional practice, ensuring you can manage your design business with confidence and expertise.

    • Advanced Client Consultation Techniques
    • Branding for Interior Designers
    • Marketing Strategies for Design Professionals
    • Financial Management for Design Projects
    • Legal Aspects of Interior Design
    • Research and Innovation in Interior Design

    Push the boundaries of conventional design by exploring current trends, research methods, and innovative solutions in interior design. Through case studies of award-winning designs and the development of a personal design philosophy, this module encourages you to think critically and creatively about the future of interior design.

    • Current Trends and Future Directions
    • Research Methods in Interior Design
    • Innovative Design Solutions
    • Case Studies of Award-Winning Designs
    • Developing a Personal Design Philosophy


All our tutors are interior design professionals working in the industry.

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