7 interior trends for 2022

Due to the changes happening all over the world, interior design trends are shifting. Most of us have had to work remotely, which has inspired many to get creative with their homes.

We all want to achieve comfort and tranquillity in our homes, and soft colours and linens are some of the design trends making waves. Creating a calm space goes beyond your aesthetic design, and it is essential to balance all the aspects of interior design to achieve the calmness you want to have in your abode.

Below are the interior design trends anticipated to dominate 2022 are listed below.



Curvy aspects

The traditional clean and straight aspects, be it in furniture, lighting, or décor, are slowly fading, and more people are adopting rounded and more organic shapes. These curvy aspects are trending since they are soft and warm, ideal for modern and contemporary living.

This trend has made rounds this year, and we believe 2022 will be no different. Studies have suggested that curvy furniture evokes a feeling of relaxation and calmness, and your home is your sanctuary.


Nature indoors

The concept of having indoor plants has been trending for some time now. Indoor plants such as monstera, white bird of paradise, red maranta prayer plant, parlour plant, opuntia microdasys, and snake plants will elevate your space.

Live plants are also beneficial as they will clean the air in your area. These plants are not high maintenance and will thrive under the right conditions.

Image source: Unsplash.


Neutral colours

For a minimalist person, neutral colours are a great way to make your space appear sophisticated. With neutral colours, you can show a vibrant personality by adding some textured accessories.

A neutral backdrop will work with any traditional, modern, or rustic style. Neutral colours make your space appear bigger, airier, cleaner, and more welcoming. Interior designers use neutral colour schemes as the best option to achieve a timeless home.

Neutral hues are excellent choices for modern interiors since they allow the architectural aspects of your design to take centre stage. Plus, if you get tired of your neutral backdrop, you can easily change it up with a few inexpensive, brilliantly-coloured pillows. Neutrals are far from boring; they are ideal for the intelligent home designer who enjoys keeping their options open.


Accent walls

Having an accent wall in your home is a good idea to break the monotony in the house. You can achieve this with wallpaper, a hand-finished artisan surfaced, or textured colours, to mention a few.

An accent wall is a great way to make your space appear bigger. This trend will dominate this coming year as more people reimagine their homes.

Image source: Shutterstock.



Sheer curtains

In recent years, big windows have been an architectural aspect due to having more natural light in our spaces. To avoid prying eyes and to have that feeling of privacy, sheer curtains have been a thing. Not just any sheer curtains but ceiling to floor sheer, and this aspect will allow natural lighting to your house while still giving you that privacy, and it is aesthetically pleasing.


Impact on our planet

People are becoming more conscious of their products, which has taken over interior design. Confinements and lockdowns have given people time to reflect. Many people want sustainable products, and this trend is not stopping soon.

Expect to see environmentally friendly materials used in furnishings, flooring, and architectural features such as reclaimed wood, cork, bamboo, jute, glass, recycled plastic, and metal. To save our planet, we must adopt sustainability in all aspects of our lives.

Image source: Shutterstock.



Shades of green

Sage has been trending this year. This shade of green is calming, and we expect to see more of this colour in furniture, art, and décor in 2022. This colour has been used for a long time in interior design to create various moods and achieve tranquil spaces.

Image source: Sarah Sherman Samuel and Emily Farnham.


These trends are significant to incorporate into your space, and we can't wait to see more of these trends next year.

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Written by: Ines Tome

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