3daysofdesign festival 2022

3daysofdesign is a festival where design lovers meet to see, network and experience design in the beautiful, vibrant city of Copenhagen. This is Denmark's most influential design fair, and this year it took place from the 15th to 17th of June 2022.

The festival takes place in Copenhagen's showrooms, shops, streets, workshops and backyards as the host for a growing community of design lovers celebrating creativity.

3daysofdesign is an exclusive event that's inclusive - everyone is invited to visit the showrooms, galleries, exhibitions and design talks.

Left side: Ceiling lamps and a mirror. Right side: A glass table with wood chairs.


"Remember to Play"

Every year, the festival collaborates with a different artist to create the 3daysofdesign graphic identity. This year, they have partnered with Luca Nichetto, who brought a unique look and feel to the 2022 overall theme "Remember to Play".

The artwork features three characters, a trio, which allude to our 3daysofdesign. Each character is a collage of Danish icons: a famous design, a typical dish and an architectural landmark in Copenhagen. Together they hint at the type of experiences you can look forward to during our festival.

3daysofdesign 2022 visual theme, concept created by Luca Nichetto.

3daysofdesign 2022 visual theme - a concept created by Luca Nichetto.


Scandinavian style

For all design enthusiasts, especially those with a soft spot for Scandinavian design, 3daysofdesign is a must-see.

Showrooms, studios and galleries all around Copenhagen throw a party of exhibitions, new launches, talks and other networking events and activities, showing the best of the industry. An industry that wants to be seen as confident, mature and environmental and socially responsible while playing with form, function, materials and technology, praising the classics and embracing innovation.

Left side: A frame on the wall, and fabric hanging from the wall. Right side: A light living room design.

Left: A wood chair and table. Right: A wood bookcase with several plants and vases.


Sustainable materials and the Nordic aesthetics

The honesty and authenticity of natural materials and the love for beauty and outstanding craftsmanship go hand in hand with the efforts and actions the brands have been making toward more sustainable products and services.

Most companies propose pieces built to last that age beautifully that are meant to be passed on to future generations. Modular systems thrive and allow for the flexibility and customisation everyone needs and desires.

Taking inspiration from a number of things such as nature, music, and the enjoyment of the best things in life, the exhibitions throughout the festival show that the Nordic aesthetics and way of living are here to stay through interesting textures, beautiful colour palettes and great design that appeal to a general sense of well being.

Right: Fabric samples and tiles. Left: 4 wood chairs.

Left: Sustainable dining room design with several plants. Right: Sustainable commercial/hospitality design with several plants.


"Circular Furniture Days"

At the same time, technology and innovation play a significant part in developing new materials that use plastic, byproducts or other components that can be endlessly used, reused or recycled.

The "Circular Furniture Days" section of the festival was proof that a lot is going on in this field and that the brands are becoming increasingly aware of the difference they can make.

Left: Shelves with chair on the top. Right: A sunbed chair style, small coffee tables and a lamp.


The future of design

The post-pandemic world we live in today was also debated throughout the festival.

How can we use design at the service of sustainability? How can we balance work and life when a significant part of us is working from home, and how can design help in that? What is the future of office spaces, and what role can design play in shaping that future?

A lot is already being studied, developed and reinvented, but there is still a world of potential.

Left: Fabric and tiles samples. Right: Several chairs in the wall.


We have only just started to pave the way for a different (and hopefully better) future.

This is an excellent opportunity for all designers that should always "Remember to Play" while seizing it, as in all things in life.

Left: A chair, lamp and heating. Right: An office design with different colours.

Left: Modern dinning room style. Right: Modern and traditional living room design.


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Written by: Rute Loureiro

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