The return of the grandmillenial interior design trend

With the recent resurgence of minimalism and sleek urban design, it’s not surprising that there would be a stylistic trend in the opposite direction. The modern Grandmillennial interior design trend focuses on the traditional elements of décor, furniture, wallcoverings, and overall style to create a warm and inviting space.

The Grandmillennial design trend has several distinct features and design elements that you can easily incorporate into your own home.


All about vintage

One of the main aspects of the Grandmillennial interior design trend is the use of vintage foundational pieces such as chesterfields, credenzas, and chiffonniers plus décor that includes wallpaper, lighting and vases.

Repurposing second-hand furniture is an inexpensive way to incorporate this design style into your home. Vintage seating can be reupholstered with modern fabrics or prints, while antique hardwood furniture can instill a sense of grandeur and history.


Textures and patterns

From delicately embroidered fire screens to bright floral rugs and tapestries; a distinct feature of the modern Grandmillennial design trend is an emphasis on textures and the use of unique fabrics and textiles.

Popular fabrics include bold florals, chinoiserie, floral & foliage, and tight geometrics. Colours are an important consideration and the style favours bright, cheerful hues like yellow, pink, blue, and green. 

A living room design inspired on Gucci.

Image: Gucci decor pop-up, at Salone del Mobile 2019/


To grandmother’s house we go

At first glance, the Grandmillennial style may feel like stepping into your grandmother’s house, and in many ways it is. The focus on traditional details, quality hardwood furniture, and artisan décor is what makes this style so popular.

From chintz wall coverings with matching drapery to cross-stitched cushions and doilies; the multi-generational details in your space are what gives the Grandmillennial design scheme its charm. 


Wall coverings

In contrast to the plain monochrome palette of minimalist design, the modern Grandmillennial design trend favours traditional wall coverings. Paper, canvas, or fabric wall coverings add texture and tie together other design elements in a space.

From broad vertical stripes and gingham patterns to bold florals and woodland scenes, wall coverings are more durable than paint and bring visual intrigue to any room.

Left side is a picture of a makeup table, a chair and a dark plain wallpaper, right side is a photo with a chair, chest of drawers with flower pattern and a flower wallpaper.

Images: Depositphotos.



Large windows with floor-to-ceiling draperies are another popular feature of the modern Grandmillennial design. Fabrics can range from rich brocades and densely-patterned chintz to thin cotton with embroidered foliage and flowers. Drapery is often selected to match the brightly-coloured fabrics of upholstered chairs, couches, and chaises. 

With the pace of our modern world and its focus on high technology, social media, and virtual reality, it’s not surprising that current design trends are pivoting towards a more classical aesthetic. The Pandemic has brought forward a sense of nostalgia for the good memories of spending time at home with family and friends. The modern Grandmillennial design trend incorporates traditional elements with modern styling to create a unique and welcoming space for any room in your home.


Comfortable furniture

Stepping into a room with a Grandmillennial design is like stepping back in history. This design scheme harks back to a simpler time when families spent time together in the home and their living space was designed to be relaxed and comfortable.

From overstuffed high-backed chairs and “granny” sofas, to cushioned dining chairs and upholstered club chairs; comfortable furniture is a must. Additional design elements like plush velvet cushions and soft knit throws make for a cosy and welcoming space.

Left side is a white dining room with traditional interior design. Righ side is a darker interior design, with a chair, a coffee table and a lamp.

Images: Depositphotos.


Wicker and rattan

The use of wicker and rattan furniture, light fixtures and décor is a hallmark of the modern Grandmillennial design trend. This style of furniture harks back to the post-war boom and a longing for tropical shores.

Wicker and rattan furniture in this design style can either be a natural wood colour or painted to match the colours used in the room. The integration of outdoor rattan furniture in indoor spaces is a trending design choice for this style.




Incorporating the old with the new is a characteristic of the modern Grandmillennial style and nothing is more appealing than a design element with a story.

A hope chest from the foot of your grandmother’s bed could become your living room coffee table. An old patchwork quilt strewn on the back of a chair speaks of previous generations.

A China cabinet full of heirloom porcelain is reminiscent of past meals and special occasions. A wall of sepia-tinged photographs becomes a focal point for the room and a conversation starter for new visitors to your home. Passed-down items add personality to any living space.

A traditional dining room design, with traditional ceiling lamps, and candles.

Image: Depositphotos.


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at 2022-07-21 09:03

I'm so glad that the grandmillenial interior design trend is making a comeback! I love how it incorporates traditional elements with a modern twist. Plus, it's the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your home without breaking the bank. I especially love the use of storage units in this style of design. They are the perfect way to keep your home organized and stylish at the same time. Thank you for sharing this trend with us!

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Written by: Fiona Byrne

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