Tips to Make Your Home Feel More Calm and Relaxed

Your home should be your refuge from the world, your solace and your comfort. It should be a place where you can release any tension or stress and inhale positivity and tranquillity. There are many elements that will impact the success or failure of creating the desired mood in your home, but with the right techniques and insights, you can achieve that welcoming feeling of peace, harmony and relaxation.


Here is a selection of ideas to help you create that homely feeling.


A candle on the top of a table.


In order to create a particular mood in a room, the lighting needs to be distributed in a thoughtful manner. Atmospheric lighting is created using lamps, either floor, wall or table and dimmers can be useful to control the light at different times of the day. A dim light softens the room and generates a cosy warm feeling which aids relaxation. It can also bring attention to some aspects of the room such as a reading nook.

Accent light is an effective means to showcase a piece of art for example, but there will be other areas within the space that will need some illumination in order to balance the dominant directional light.

Candle light is also an effective way to introduce a sultry, flickering light that is soft and atmospheric adding Dickensian cosiness to a living or dining room.


A woman sat in the sofa reading a book, the picture also contains a shelf with books and fairy lights and a coffee table.

Add texture and natural materials to your decor

Natural materials such as wood, cotton, wool or jute can create a sense of calm and well-being in the home. The different textures introduce a tactile element to a space which causes people to reach out and touch things. This connection to a space can make people feel they belong, as though they are at home. Textures also need balance and it is within that balance that a sense of calm resides.

Simple decor items such as rugs, throw pillows and blankets can soften a space and invite people to sit or stretch out on a soft sofa.  Textiles such as velvet, suede and knits are perfect to create a comfortable and inviting room where the urge to kick back and relax is irresistible.


A picture with a sofa, and colourful pillows.

Use a palette in neutral and warm tones

In order to create a warm, cosy but also relaxing space, colour is vital. For home interiors where the room will be used to relax and unwind, avoid using only whites. Richer natural tones, such as beiges, greens and burgundy create a warm but not overly bright and sunny ambience. Think of these deeper shades as the sunset, where calm and quiet descends upon the space.


A woman sat in front of a fireplace reading a book.


If the home has a fireplace, don’t be afraid to use it. When winter falls, there is nothing more cosy than sitting around a crackling fire while snow or wind howls outside. The fireplace can become a central feature in a room, so use it as a focal point. Add decorative pieces to the mantle or hang a painting above it. A cosy fire with chairs pulled up and a luxurious rug is such a homely and tranquil experience, it has become a well known image of family. The fireplace is the perfect place to create that space to read, watch tv or just watch the glow of the fire.


A bedroom with a dark wood bed, dark wood/white bedside table and a plant.

Add Plants

Adding plants not only adds a beautiful green and natural aesthetic, but it can also create a feeling of bringing the outside in. There is something reassuring about being surrounded by foliage and the variety of choices of flowers and plants can really enrich the decor of a room. Plants are known to have a calming effect on people and homes with many potted plants will often have softer corners and a variety of textures as a result of the plants dotted around.

Whether it's potted plants on your window sills, large plants in the corners of rooms, or macrame plant-pots that hang from your ceiling, they can do a great deal to enhance the positive energy in your home.


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There are many ways to make a home a more calm and relaxing place. Understanding the balance of textures and the levels of light are just a couple of ways to transform the atmosphere and mood of a home.

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Written by: Fiona Byrne

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