What to Know About the Demand for Interior Design in 2023

In the U.K. alone, the market size of the interior design industry is £1.5bn. Despite high competition, good interior designers are still in high demand, and that doesn't appear to be changing anytime soon. If the idea of designing the layout of a residential or commercial space appeals to you, if you get excited by the prospect of bringing an empty or jaded space to life, or if you like the challenge of creating a productive yet beautiful space for a client within a budget, a career in interior design may be for you.

As in all design industries, there are trends and innovations. So, what are clients looking for in 2023? Here are the interior design trends you need to know about.

A minimalist white kitchen design.

Sustainable Design Is Here to Stay

Consumers are becoming more aware of their individual and collective impact on the environment. Interior designers should take note. A greater awareness of circular and sustainable design will lead to a greater increase in responsible and environmentally friendly design.

So, how can designers adhere to sustainable design options? They should look for materials, such as sustainable wood sources, upcycled products, and fast-growing natural fibres such as hemp and jute. There is also a growing demand for using textiles and fabrics with longevity and recycling capabilities.

Home Gyms Are Out

Forget the home gym, the wellness room is in. Instead of a treadmill in the living room, expect a trend towards a dedicated wellness space. This is more than just a bike or treadmill.

Clients want a space for intentional wellness activities such as meditation and yoga in addition to exercise. Designers should anticipate this change when it comes to client demands.

A dinning table and chairs.

Dedicated Dining Space

Along with a dedicated wellness space, anticipate the return of the dining room. Open floor plans may have been popular for years, but a dedicated dining space allows for intimate connections with loved ones.

It doesn't have to be a dedicated room. It could be as simple as a cosy breakfast nook.

Wallpapered Powder Rooms

Why not make your powder room walls something special?

Wallpaper may not fit the traditional idea of small bathroom design but it can be a great way to play with patterns and colours. The smaller space makes them a perfect play to experiment with bolder patterns and textures you may not want to commit to a larger space.

You can, of course, do the same with a full-size bathroom, and play with tiles and mosaics. Injecting some vivid colours into a small space gives a sense of positivity and playfulness.

Two people discussing colours while holding colour palettes.

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Written by: Fiona Byrne

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